A message from the eSafety Commission

Your online safety is our priority. People usually know how to keep themselves safe offline, but it's not always the case when we go online. In our latest initiative, we compare online safety to everyday objects that keep you safe – just like eSafety does when you go online.

When it comes to online safety, we can help. We educate Australians about online safety risks and help to remove harmful content such as cyberbullying of children and young people, adult cyber abuse, image-based abuse and illegal and restricted content.

Help get the word out about online safety! Forward this email to friends, family or share in your school newsletter and let your network know there’s support available if they experience online abuse.

The eSafety Commissioner can support with:

– Advice for parents, kids and young people on staying safe online
– Classroom materials and professional training on online safety for educators
– Resources to keep vulnerable communities safe
– Investigating reports of serious online harm and help with removal of this content