SBSC Structure

Key roles of the College include:

1. The Principal

2. The Deputy Principals: The College has two Deputy Principals.

The Deputy Principal: Pastoral Care assumes responsibility for the wellbeing of the students in particular, and works closely with the House Coordinators and two College Social Workers.

The Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning assumes responsibility for the academic program that the College offers and works closely with the Teaching and Learning Leaders (TaLLs) and the Year 7 Transition and Senior School Coordinators and TASC Liason Officer.

3. House Coordinators arrange the activities of individual Houses and work closely with teachers and students within their respective Houses. They are available to both parents and students.

4. Teaching and Learning Leaders coordinate the subject areas and work closely with the Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning.

5. Senior School Coordinator and TASC Liason Officer works with the Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning and has the specific care of Year 10 to 12 students as a focus. This person is also the College's dedicated Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification (TASC) Liaison Officer and works closely with the Principal.

6. Year 7 Transition Coordinator is focused on the smooth transition of students from primary to secondary school.

Teaching and Learning Leaders (TaLLs)

Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning - Mr Gerry Peters:

Teacher & College Development Officer - Mrs Shelley Keightley:

Mathematics - Miss Leah Sussman:

Science - Mr Michael Stocks:

Arts - Ms Jo Hoare:

Technologies - Mrs Nona Roberts:

Religious Education - Miss Sophie Lansley:

English - Ms Cheryl Gamble:

Health and Physical Education - Mr Steve Ryan:

History and Social Sciences - Ms Kelly Allen:

Vocational Education and Training - Mrs Natalie Healey:

Librarian - Mrs Kylie Reid: